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What happens during this PeeTime:
Cut to Sofia (Marion Cotillard) and her father arguing. Her father wants Cal to go back in, but Sofia says that Cal needs more time. Her father argues that they don't have time. Sofia insists that she won't risk Cal's life. Her father says he will have to find some else to do it.

Cut the Cal's room - he's hallucinating again - fighting the ghost of Aguilar. The staff come to Cal's room to take him for another test. Cal fights them. Finally they manage to drag him out. Cal shouts, "I'm crazy!" And he sings, "Crazy for feeling so lonely."

Cut to the cafeteria; three of the assassins can hear that Cal is going back to the test. One of them says, "We should stop him, before he betrays us."

Cut to the test room where they are preparing Cal for another run. The two brains synchronize and Cal becomes Aguilar.

Cut to city scenery from above, and a square for executions. Then we see that Aguilar and Maria, the female assassin, are chained in a cell.

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